We at MAdE want to take one small thing off your mind. As you learn of a tiny love growing in your belly, you start to read labels and be mindful of everything you eat so why not take a minute to think about putting something good ON your body and not just IN your body?

Our skin can change so much during pregnancy and at times it may cause very unnecessary stress. With so many more important things to focus on during this important time in your life, we took care of the beauty portion for you. we are introducing a certified organic moisturizer to ease the changing needs of a pregnant and or nursing moms. We searched for the best organic ingredients to address your hormone driven skin! Whether you’re fighting sensitivity, dryness or dark spots, we’ve got you covered.

Our key is to make sure you do not doubt what you are putting on your skin. It’s so important to take care of your pregnant body in everyway to ensure the best possible start to your baby’s life. We have sourced the best organic ingredients to keep you beautiful. Take this special time to truly GLOW!